Gingham Wunder Under Crops for $49


I think lululemon just blew my mind by marking a pair of gingham Wunder Unders down to $49 (originally $88). I’ve long professed my love of gingham, but I’ve never even considered the option of gingham pants, especially my beloved Wunder Unders. It is super rare to see Wunder Unders on sale for this price point. If you have a love affair with gingham like I do, act quick while all sizes are still fully stocked.

LW6E85S_014666_1 LW6E85S_018609_1

If gingham isn’t your thing, I’m not really sure we can be friends any longer. Just kidding. That leaves more checked perfection for me in the world. Anyway, if gingham isn’t your thing, there are a few other good options on lulu’s We Made Too Much page. They aren’t quite as cheap, but $59 still isn’t terrible. Well, better than paying the $88 full sticker price. Click on the pictures above and below for direct links.


Hope everyone is surviving Monday so far today. I just heard it is National Margarita Day, which totally perked me up. I have no idea who comes up with these things, but I’m not complaining one bit because my favorite local Mexican restaurant is offering $3 margs. Yes, I even love sale margaritas. #shocking #notreally