50% Off Hudson Jeans on Amazon Today Only (2/3)

I’ll be the first to admit, it is REALLY hard to find a great pair of jeans. I usually have to try on multiple pairs and often find myself frustrated in frumpy, uncomfortable denim. This fall and winter, I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time wearing leggings. It has pretty much been a special occasion for me to wear a pair of pants with a zipper and button. Probably because it is time for me to invest in a great new pair.

I’ve always loved designer denim. If you ask me, it is worth the extra money since you will wear a great pair of jeans for ages. I was really surprised to see Hudson jeans on Amazon as today’s deal of the day (2/3/2016). Did anyone know you can buy designer denim using your Amazon Prime account? Free shipping and free returns, plus I can try them on in my own house instead of in some awkward fitting room where my kids are likely hitting each other or making embarrassing noises. Sign me up. There are also a bunch of men’s styles available if your valentine needs new jeans!

Here are a couple pairs on sale that caught my eye:

Unnamed image (25) Unnamed image (26)

Dark denim is always the way to go in my world. That doesn’t mean you can’t stumble across an occasional awesome lighter wash, but they don’t look quite as polished or versatile as a nice dark wash. There are a couple different pairs of the Krista Super Skinnies is marked down to $94.50 (originally $189) (Maldives wash here and Stellar wash here). These are a classic skinny style that would look great with boots, sneakers or flip flops.

I realize that the pair on the right looks a tad shorter in the picture above, but the descriptions on Amazon claim they are the same length. The Stellar wash appears to have slightly more whiskering around the thighs. And that is the first time I’ve used the term “whiskering” in my life. I am definitely making cat jokes in my head as I type this, but I’ll spare you from the ridiculous humor running through my brain at this moment. #trustme

Unnamed image (24)

Whoever at Hudson took this picture of white jeans on a white background needs to take some type of photography class. It is really impossible to see the details, but these Ginny straight crop jeans with cuff feature some distressing on the thighs. I love white jeans and strongly feel you can wear them year-round. Forget those out of date fashion rules, ladies. These are also $94.50 (originally $189).


Finally, if you are short like me, ankle-length jeans are your perfect solution to avoid ridiculous alteration costs. The Nico midrise skinny ankle jeans are marked down to $94.50 (originally $189).

Is anyone else ready to shed the leggings for a great pair of jeans?