Louis Vuitton on Rue La La

In all my years of shopping, I’ve never splurged and bought a Louis. Call me crazy, but I’d rather have four Tory Burch bags than one Louis Vuitton. Plus I see the classic LV pattern everywhere I go so it just hasn’t been worth it to me to save the money. However, if I hypothetically received a Louis as a gift, I’d happily tote it all over town. I know that would never happen, but in theory if my husband stumbled upon an extra thousand dollars and gifted a classic brown bag to me, I wouldn’t return it. #onlycrazypeoplewould

I was really surprised to see Louis Vuitton on Rue La La today through 2/3. Sale Louis Vuitton??? There has to be a catch.

Well, there is. Most are pre-owned authentic bags that claim to be in good condition, but may show slight signs of wear. If you are comfortable with getting a Louis that isn’t perfectly shiny and new with the tags attached, this sale is for you.


This classic monogram canvas pouchette is going for $400 (new is $500). If you are dying for an expensive designer bag but don’t want to waste an entire month’s rent, this is a good option. It is small so it won’t be your go-to everyday bag, but it is perfect for a night out with your girlfriends.


If I had all the money in the world and was going to buy myself one of these bad boys, I would probably splurge for the Louis Damier Ebene Neverfull bag. It is basically a giant tote bag, but I actually prefer the checkerboard pattern to the classic monogram. This bag is currently going for $925, although the full-price version at $1260 comes with a small zippered clutch. If you are going to spend that much money, you might as well get the clutch for a mere $300 more. #richpeoplechumpchange #thatsnotme


There are also a ton of wallets included in the Rue La La sale. This monogram wallet is $550.  This could be a good option if the in-your-face LV bag is a tad much for you, but you still want a piece of the classic designer in your life. And that blue button is super cute.


I also really like this Damier Ebene Sarria Mini for $650. More substantial than the pouchette and a tad more reasonably priced than the giant tote bags. I take that back. Not at all. But it is really cute.

There are also a ton of bags, wallets and other accessories available in the leather and non-classic LV patterns available. But if I’m going to even consider paying that much for a bag, I want to be in-my-face reminded that it is a Louis on a daily basis.

Do you own a Louis? Is it on your shopping bucket list?


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