Last Day for 12/24 Delivery!!

I cannot believe Christmas is only 4 days away. FOUR DAYS. Too soon. Even though my shopping and wrapping is done (YAY!!!!!), I am still not mentally prepared for the holiday craziness ahead of me. A ton of fun, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exhausting. I really should try to rest up over the next few days. #notgonnahappen

If you are one of those procrastinators still working on your holiday shopping, do not fear. As long as you act today (12/21), you can still order online and avoid the malls. I did probably 90% of my shopping online this year and it was amazing. The UPS guy who delivers to my house most likely thinks I’m insane, but at least I didn’t have to circle the parking lot this year to find a spot. Not even once. I call that a Christmas miracle.

Gap and J. Crew Factory are both still offering free shipping with 12/24 delivery. I’m sure most other stores will deliver by 12/24 if you pay the expedited shipping charge, but I prefer free. Here are a couple of my favorite gift items that are still up for grabs.

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Gap is offering 40% off your entire order, plus free shipping with code GIFTNOW. I love both of these top options for the guys. The cable knit sweater comes down to $27.59 (originally $64.95) and would be perfect for anyone who dons business casual to work on a regular basis. I also love this grey hoodie, which is also available in two different blue colors. With the promo code, it comes down to $20.99 (originally $49.95). Amazing guy options for under $30!!


I purchased this cotton black top with lace sleeves (also available in white/grey) as a gift this year, and I’ll admit, when it arrived at my house, I considered keeping it for myself. I didn’t. But I thought about it. It is one of those where it can be easily dressed up for work, or you can wear it with jeans for a more casual look. I personally think it needs a cute necklace, but I’m guessing anyone who spends time reading a fashion blog has one or two of those lying around. $17.97 with the promo code.


I also think cardigans are a perfect gift. Since they don’t need to fit as perfectly as a tailored sweater, they are easy to gift since you don’t need to know someone’s exact size. This grey wrap sweater (also comes in black) is adorable. Another one of those that can easily be dressed up or down. $35.99 with the promo code.


J. Crew Factory still has 50% off everything (prices as marked) plus free shipping. If plaid isn’t your thing, I’m sure you are sick of me talking about these shirts, but I love the plaid popovers. They fit great and are at a good price point ($34.50). They do run a tad big, so consider going down a size.


Puffy vests are really big again this year. This black and grey plaid vest is super cute, but they also have a bunch of plain colors available, too.  $49.95 isn’t too bad for outerwear!


Scarves are the perfect gift because they are truly one size fits all. I bought a similar pattern scarf as a gift this year from J. Crew and it was another item I considered keeping for myself. Softest thing ever. Then I remembered I live in the desert and don’t really have a need for a winter scarf. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it. $24.50 for this bad boy.

If you haven’t finished your shopping, it is probably time to stop reading my silly blog and get to purchasing. It’s crunch time!! Ho ho ho!!!