Christmas Gift Guide for Men

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I have a lot of men on my shopping list for this year, and man, are they tough to buy for or what?! Guys don’t like “stuff” as much as women do. Sometimes I wish the  men in my life appreciated jewelry the same way I do because shopping for presents would be wayyyy easier.

I’ve racked my brain (well, really my husband’s brain) for the best gift ideas for men. We did our best to think beyond socks and golf balls and came up with some pretty cool stuff that will definitely be a hit this holiday season.


I know what you are thinking. A shirt? That isn’t really a unique gift idea. But here is the thing, this awesome company called Ratio makes custom shirts perfect for every man out there who maybe doesn’t fit into a standard S/M/L/XL shirt size. The process is super easy and the company is amazing at making necessary alterations on your first order if needed so it fits, well, like it has been custom made. My hubby has this exact red gingham shirt, which is his go-to shirt for the holidays under a sweater. You can customize your shirt in a million different ways from material, collar, cuff, placket, etc.. Most shirts are right around $100, which is insanely cheap for a custom made shirt. If you want the gift to be a surprise, go with a gift certificate and let him design his own shirt after the holidays.

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I’ve seen wireless Bluetooth speakers popping up all over the place, and I think this is such a cool gift idea for any music-lover in your life. My husband received an Oontz Angle speaker last year for Christmas as a white elephant gift and initially, wasn’t sure how much he would use it. However, we found it is perfect for listening to music in the garage, outside by the pool (they are water resistant!!) or even on vacation since it is so small and portable. WAYYYY better than playing music through the little speaker on your phone. The price is right, too, at just under $30.

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I really should change the name of this post to be “My Husband’s Favorite Things”. You may have seen me talk about his obsession with wooden watches before in my Father’s Day Gift Guide and we are standing by the wood watches again for Christmas this year. He continues to receive compliments on them and they are the perfect amount of different from any other watch on the market. There are even a number of styles 30% off on the We-wood website using code HOLIDAY. We purchased wooden watches for the grandpas last year and they were a huge hit.


My husband’s go-to t-shirts in his drawer are those that have the cool vintage-y look to them. He owns a few from Garage Cotton and they are as soft as can be and fit him perfectly. The company mainly features designs from Midwestern states and colleges, but there are a ton of general shirts like this USA one above. Their hoodies are also the bomb if you are looking for something soft and cuddly this holiday season. I just wouldn’t use the words “soft and cuddly” when gifting it to your guy. I suppose those aren’t “man words”.

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My hubby is a coffee lover and uses his Keurig religiously each morning before work. He has a number of travel coffee mugs, but these metal OXO travel mugs are his favorite. He has a few others that almost keep his coffee too warm, and others wouldn’t stop spilling on his way to the office. If you are looking for a little stocking stuffer, this cup is a good one.


We all know lululemon isn’t just for women. My husband and brother-in-law would both spend the bulk of their days wearing clothes made of luon if their jobs would permit it. If your guy is active, I highly recommend this vent tech short sleeve shirt. I found the yellow on the We Made Too Much page (only a few sizes left), but remember, all their sale stuff is final sale. If you aren’t sure of sizing, I’d go with a full price color so you can exchange if needed. Also, lulu’s men’s boxer briefs are supposed to be heavenly if you are looking for another little stocking stuffer.


My husband is a big fan of his SlideBelts. They use some pretty cool technology to allow for a one-size-fits-most (up to a 50 inch waist) and the belts click into place without holes. You can trim the excess leather for a perfect fit, as well as swap out the leather and buckles for different combinations. I love this cognac/nickel combo, but there are a ton of other cool options, too.

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For any guy who enjoys spending time out by the barbeque, silicone grill gloves are an awesome gift idea. They won’t catch on fire like traditional potholders (are we the only ones who have had this happen??) and can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. A really cool gift for $15!

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Finally, retro tennis shoes are always a fan favorite. I love these grey Saucony Low Pro Sneakers, which are currently marked down to around $35 on Amazon. $35 for men’s shoes?!? Amazing. And I’m able to order them using my beloved Amazon Prime account? Sold.

 Hopefully your hard-to-buy-for-guy will have an even better holiday season with a few of these ideas. Any other go-to guy gift suggestions??


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