My Christmas Wish List

My Wish List

When I’m scrolling through Pinterest and various blogs, I love reading posts about what other people want for Christmas. They give me ideas on what to buy for my friends and family, as well as what I maybe want to request for myself. Most of the items on my wish list I’ve blogged about before, but in case you missed them the first time around, here is my wish list for 2015:

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First item on my list is a total splurge request. I’m not sure if I’ve been that good this year, but I’m really hoping for a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling headphones. My sister-in-law lives in Australia and we are finally planning a long overdue trip to visit her next year. My hubby and I tend to be very ambitious when it comes to traveling with kids, so we are planning to hit up New Zealand and a few other neighboring hot spots while we are in the land down under. Since we will be spending way too many hours at 30,000 feet, I’m really hoping these noise cancelling headphones will help me sleep in the air (I usually can’t). My hubby has an older model and claims they have saved him on countless flights. They are spendy, but I don’t do well without sleep so these might be the only way to survive the trip. Now if there was a device to make my kids behave on an airplane, that would immediately replace these headphones as the #1 item on my list.


I know you are thinking, whaaaaat? A Swiffer? Yes, I want a Swiffer. Specifically, the Swiffer Sweep + Vac. I recently saw this device and I think it might be the solution to my non-stop shedding dog and the fact my kids drop crumbs and small pieces of play-doh everywhere. I’m not joking Santa, please bring me the Swiffer. #momlife


No surprise here, Kendra Scott made my wish list. This specific Hayden necklace was marked down to like $20 last week with Nordstrom’s Extra Savings sale. It isn’t quite as cheap anymore, but still a great gift for $30.15.


I got a new iPhone a couple months back when the 6S came out. Before I even had the opportunity to order a case, it flew out of my bike basket and cracked the screen. Nothing like breaking your 5 day old phone. The crack was in the corner and not in the middle of the phone, so I dealt with it. I didn’t order a case at that point because I figured it was already cracked, might as well enjoy the cool look of a caseless phone for a while. Well, yesterday, I dropped it again. Now that I officially have a giant crack going all the way across the phone, it is time to get the screen replaced and purchase some type of case to help protect it from happening again. Great…..

Anyways, I love this Kate Spade glitter phone case. Now if Santa can also replace my screen on Christmas morning, I’d be OK with that, too.


You’ve seen me blog about these shoes before, but I’m really hoping for a new pair of tennis shoes. And yes, I’m a native Ohioan and they are tennis shoes, not sneakers. I love the dot/speckled pattern and the black/white combo will match everything. has them 40% off for $59.99.


Plaid is where it’s at this year, and a classic buffalo plaid shirt is on my list. Recently, if I’m forced to put on something other than athletic gear, I’m heading straight towards my plaid shirts. Obviously, I’m still wearing them with leggings, but it is my favorite look this winter. This shirt is on sale at J. Crew Factory for $34.50.


These slip on Vans are also not new to this blog, but I hope they will be a new addition to my closet later on this month. I can see them paired with leggings and the plaid shirt above.


Finally, lululemon clearly has a spot in my heart and on my wish list. I love these teal striped Wunder Unders, which are on sale for $69.

I don’t expect Santa to bring me everything on my list, but hopefully I’ve been good enough to receive an item or two for being nice this year. What do you have on your wish list? Any other awesome gift ideas?


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