New lululemon Sales – Tons of Leggings and Crops on Sale!!!

It is that time of year when leggings are all I want to wear. It has something to do with the sheer comfort, as well as the fact I’ve been sneaking wayyy too much candy from my kid’s Halloween baskets. I know it won’t get any better with Thanksgiving and holiday cookies right around the corner. Elastic-waist pants are where it is at. #iworkoutinthemtoo #sometimes

lululemon is tempting me yet again by adding a TON of leggings and pants to their We Made Too Much sale page. Most of the styles have fully stocked sizes and there are a lot of fun colors to choose from. Here are my top picks of the day.


I love the cobalt blue color of these Drop It Like It’s Hot tights. Right now they are marked down to $74 (originally $98), which isn’t cheap, but the way things are going so far this fall, I know I’d get a ton of use out of them. They are also available in black and a pink cheetah color. And for those of you who have never purchased a pair of lulu tights before, they tend to run long. Or maybe I tend to run short, but I often have to have my leggings shortened. lulu does it for FREE (yes, FREE!!!). After you receive your pair in the mail, just drop by a store and they will happily alter them.

LW6B41S_015918_2 LW6B41S_017380_2

At a slightly more reasonable price point, these In the Flow crops are marked down to $54 (originally $88). They are available in three colors: plum, purple and a rarely seen brown. I’m not sure I love the brown (shown above), but to each their own. I have this pair of crops in a similar plum and I’m a fan of them, but as a friend, I feel like I should warn you. First of all, these are shorter crops that come right below the knee. Not a bad thing, but these tend to look more like they should be worn at the gym instead of everyday. Also, if you’ve never seen this pair of pants on the rack before, be prepared. I asked for them for Christmas last year and was a little shocked when I took them out of the box. Because the sides have ruching, the bottom hem sticks out. Making them look like elf pants. I was initially convinced Santa was playing a trick on me or something. They look totally normal on non-elves, but consider yourself warned if you order these. #ipromiseimnotanelf


I’ve almost pulled the trigger on ordering these Wunder Under crops several times now. Wunder Unders are my favorite style. No weird lines, classic luon material and they hold my gut in nicely. Sad, but true. Sizes are fully stocked and a great price at $54 (originally $88). Tempting, very tempting.


I also love the color of these plum colored full length Wunder Under pants. They look super long even on the model, but I know some people like to pull them over their heels while doing yoga. I haven’t done yoga in years, but I probably should start. Or at least keep running off the Reeses Peanut Butter cups I ate last night, but that is beside the point. These are marked down to $64 (originally $98).

 LW6F84S_2980_4 LW6G21S_019816_1

I don’t know much about either of these crop styles, but the blueish-purple pair on the left is the Breezy crop and the teal pair on the right is the Exquisite crop. Both get good reviews, are available in lots of sizes and are on sale ($69 for the Breezys and $64 for the Exquisites).

LW1213S_020437_1 LW1M02S_020273_2

And just because we need something to wear with our new pants, there are a couple cute tanks that caught my eye. I saw this cobalt blue snakeskin cool racerback tank at the store a couple weeks ago and the color is awesome. I’m usually not drawn to snakeskin patterns, but this one was awesome. The cool racerback style is my go-to tank style. You can wear whatever bra you want with it, no weird straps or cuts and it fits comfortably. Great tank for $29 (originally $42). I also like this simple barre none tank, which is available in grey and black stripes, plain black and a pink cheetah pattern. $44 (originally $58).

Who’s with me on wearing elastic-waist pants for the holidays this year??