MORE Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Items – Accessories Edition

If you are like me, your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases are starting to arrive. I’m still waiting on a couple of items, but I’m absolutely loving everything that has shown up so far. In case you missed it, check out my first post on the Anniversary Sale here.

The problem with the Anniversary Sale is it goes on for kind of a long time. Well, I doubt it is a problem for Nordstrom, but it is a problem for me because I keep going back and finding more stuff I want to buy. Meaning it is a big problem for my bank account. The sale runs through Sunday, August 2nd, which means have another week and a half to resist making more purchases. #icandoit #ihope

I’m a total accessories fanatic. I’ve always loved jewelry, purses and such, but my obsession with accessories was taken to a new level a few years back when I got pregnant with my first kid. No matter how huge my belly got, I could still fit into my accessories. They work in every season and tend to stay in style longer than clothes. Clearly that means buying accessories is really a sensible thing to do.

Here are my latest finds:


I can’t tell if this Kendra Scott “Rae” necklace is an Anniversary Sale item (meaning the price will go back up) or just a regular sale, but I do know it is a good one. Right now the coral, magenta and translucent periwinkle are 50% off, which comes down to $32.49. I never see my BFF Kendra’s stuff marked down this cheap, so this is HUGE! The black, mint, slate, mother of pearl and turquoise are 33% off, which comes to $43.55.

And no, I don’t know Kendra. I wish I did because I would be a damn good product tester.

Quick story about this necklace. I recently convinced my sister to follow my shopaholic ways and purchase it. After it arrived, her husband, who has absolutely no interest in fashion and fails to notice anything new, commented saying it was cute. I know this little story won’t mean anything to most, but if the man in your life is anything like my brother-in-law, this one is worth buying. Especially for $32!!!


I’ve recently been thinking about buying a new, small, black cross-body bag. I am usually lugging around a giant baby bag, so in those precious moments away where I don’t need diapers, wipes, snacks, a changing pad, disposable place mats, bibs, matchbox cars, more snacks (you get the point), I really enjoy just bringing my phone, keys and lip gloss along with me. I’m trying to resist the black Kate Spade “north court” above, but it is super cute.


Ever since I got my iPhone 6 about eight months ago, I’ve been gambling. It currently is without a case, but it hasn’t broken yet. I’m sure I just jinxed myself and is probably going to shatter the second I publish this post. My son is a little too obsessed with my iPhone and I can’t believe I’d ever let it touch his hands unprotected. But the little guy knows my password and always seems to pick it up and play when I’m not looking. Yes, you read that correctly. My 2 year old knows how to enter my iPhone password to unlock fun. But that’s another story for another day.

This Kate Spade “pretty little thing” case is calling my name, especially for only $25.90. It really is almost like an insurance policy. Would you drive your car without insurance? No. Does this argument work with designer iPhone cases? Probably not, especially since I know there is a very good chance it will fly off if (when) my son drops my phone. But it would look cute until the inevitable happens.


I know it isn’t exactly tweed scarf season, but isn’t this plaid blanket scarf cute? Maybe it is wishful thinking since it is as hot as an oven outside right now, but I’d be so happy to pull this bad boy out of my closet in a couple months. Really cute for $29.90.


I really love this Michael Kors watch. I really don’t need a new watch so I absolutely cannot justify buying it for myself, but I really, really like it. If anyone else needs assistance justifying a new watch purchase, I’m happy to help.


If you are on the search for new sunglasses, this pair of Tory Burch aviators is a good choice. I honestly believe aviators look good on everyone, so this is a really safe bet if you are ordering online and can’t try them on first. And if they don’t work out, Nordstrom will take back anything at any time. I know this from experience. Last year I was in a wedding and my friend picked bridesmaid dresses from good old Nordy’s. I was about 6 months pregnant when it came time to order my dress and my left leg wouldn’t fit into anything non-maternity. The obvious choice was to order 3 different sizes and return 2 after the baby was born. A big up-front investment, but I spent 0 dollars and 0 cents in alterations. #hugebridesmaidscore


I personally get a new wallet about every 2 years.  Usually after two years, mine wears out and it is time to get a new one. Or I’m just ready for a new one. Whatever. My wallet is up for replacement later on this year and I have my eye on this Tory Burch continental wallet. Another good idea for those crazy people who start Christmas shopping in July. #notme


Finally, I think these Nike “flyknit” shoes are awesome. I was talking to my husband the other day ago and he brought up a good point. He asked why I have about 10 pairs of black heels, but I only have one pair of tennis shoes I wear on a regular basis (and yes, it is tennis shoes, not sneakers). I’m sure his comment doesn’t mean he is encouraging me to buy these, but it really doesn’t make sense why I don’t have a wider selection of athletic footwear compared to the rest.

       I hope you are enjoying your Anniversary Sale purchases. And Nordstrom, if you want to send me a commission check, please contact me at #iwish