$50 of FREE beauty products. And no, this is not a scam!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats for the beauty deal of the CENTURY.

Yes, I realize a century is a very long time. Longer than all of us have been alive. And I’m still confident this one is the best deal out there because you can get $50 worth of beauty products for FREE.

Yes, FREE dollars and FREE cents.

Just to make it clear, that is $0.00.

No gimmicks, no scams, just a good old fashioned deal.

And here is the best part, the site also gives 5% of all proceeds to charity, including 5% of your free $50. Nothing better than shopping for charity.

I know, you are skeptical, right? I was, too. Here’s the scoop.

A friend of a friend’s daughter, named Reesa, was diagnosed with Krabbe disease. Krabbe is a rare genetic disease which impacts the nervous system, usually resulting in death by age two.  However, receiving stem cell transplants before the onset of symptoms can significantly change the outcome.

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Reesa’s family has been blessed by countless friends and family to receive support with her disease, and they’ve since formed the Baby Reesa Foundation, which helps provide financial assistance to other families who have a child suffering from Krabbe disease (note: no funds from the foundation are used directly for Reesa’s care). In addition, the organization will spread awareness and educate the general public of Krabbe disease.

Look at this little angel, isn’t she cute?

Rocco Newborn Part 2 132 small

Well, Reesa’s mom has recently started working with www.beautykind.us to receive 5% of donations every time you order from beautykind.us. This is legit FREE money. And who doesn’t love free stuff?!?! #noone

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to www.beautykind.us

2. Search for the Baby Reesa Foundation as the charitable cause of your choice. You have the option to choose others, but I highly recommend supporting this sweet family’s foundation.

3. Choose a user name and password

4. Shop for products. You will get up to $50 for free. If you go over $50, you will pay the difference.

5. Enter promo code LAJ50 at checkout (first time users only)

6. Only one order per address using the discount code

Essentially, beautykind is using this promotion to introduce their site to new users and hope you will order again. You aren’t in any way obligated to order again, but if you do, 5% of your order will go to the Baby Reesa Foundation.

I call this feel good shopping.

Here are a few of my favs from the site:


Have you ever been to a bliss spa? I’ve been to one once at a W hotel and it was pretty much like spending time in heaven. Their products are great and a number of them are available through the site. With the $50 off, you can get this energizing mask for a whopping $4.


Every heard of Butter London? You know, the nail polish brand that always has cute colors and is horribly overpriced? Well, they have a number of products available on the site. Most were sold out (I’m guessing everyone out there was all about overpriced nail polish for free), but I found a few lipsticks still in stock. I know, nothing worse than paying $20 for a lipstick that ends up being a horrible color on you. That’s the best part about this. Nothing better than paying $0 for the chance an expensive lipstick will look awesome on you.


I live in the desert, the home of hard water. Since I essentially feel like I have calcium build-up drying out my hair, I’ve become a huge fan of hair masks and deep conditioners. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but this one is on the way to Phoenix to nourish and hydrate my thirsty locks. I’ll let you know if this is worth a repeat purchase.


Summer in Phoenix means the daily highs are regularly reaching temperatures which exist on my oven. This pretty much means the entire city either is in a swimming pool or is spending time indoors. Probably one of the only cities in the country where your tan fades in the summer. #desertproblems

Or maybe you just aren’t into that whole skin cancer thing (can’t say I blame you). Whatever situation is leaving you with a need for some color, this sunless tanner starter kit is a great deal for $25 before the discount. Meaning you still have $25 left to pick out something else out.

I’d really like to thank Baby Reesa’s family for letting us all in on this awesome deal. Please enjoy your freebies and know that a portion of your order will go to the foundation in honor of one amazing little girl.