Recent Target Fashion Finds

Recently, I walked through the front doors at my local Target store and reminded myself of the two things I needed. It shouldn’t be hard to remember two items, but I’m easily distracted by the $1 section, array of colorful shirts in the women’s section and amazing new selection of toddler dresses. In theory, those two items I originally came for should have cost no more than $10. An hour and $150 later, I walked out with a full cart of stuff. And did I forget at least one of the two things I actually needed? Sure did.

Sound familiar?

Yes, because that’s how it goes for every woman in America.

Target is where willpower goes to die.

However, I’ve gotta give Target credit, I’m really impressed with their spring and summer collections so far. Hence the reason why we all tend to buy stuff we absolutely don’t need. Target has it figured out. Cute stuff for cheap prices. #mykindofstore

I constantly look at designer websites for new fashion ideas, but paying those prices for everyday items isn’t possible for 99% of Americans. Or necessary if you ask me. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d still shop at Target. Except I bet my cart would be twice as full and I’d be OK with that.

This week, has free shipping so I thought I’d share my recent favorite purchases from good old Tar-jay. Not that I need to order online since I tend to find myself there at least weekly for something.


First up is one of my new favorite shirts – a mint button down flamingo shirt. And it is awesome.

Does this shirt feature a lot of flamingos on it? Yes.

Do the colors scream “summer”? Yes.

Do I feel a little bit like a retiree in Florida every time I wear it? Yes.

And will I still be wearing this shirt in two years? Probably not.

Which is why the $15 price tag is spot on. I actually love the flamingo trend that has popped up all over the place this summer. The flamingos on this shirt are just the right size. Small enough that you can’t tell exactly what they are from far away, but big enough where you can recognize some cute pink birds up close.

Have I ever used the word “flamingo” this much in life? Nope.


Every year, I purchase at least one or two plain colored t-shirts. Easy to pair with shorts or jeans and fun to dress up with jewelry. The past few years, I’ve made my annual t-shirt purchase at J Crew, but this summer, I was excited when I came across these slub cotton v-necks at Target. I don’t really know what “slub” means, but they have the same vintage-y look as my favorite J Crew shirts for a 1/3 of the price. Tons of cute color options here or black and white are available here. I picked one up in neon pink a couple weeks back for $7, but right now they are $10 for one or $27 for 3.  Mine washed really well, too, and didn’t shrink at all so go with your typical size. I can’t wait to purchase a few more.


I’ve been loving the crochet short trend this year, but I have a feeling this one will be gone when next summer rolls around. I was excited when I saw this coral pair at Target for $12.99 and they are also available in off white, navy and teal. I’ve worn these several times with various blue and white striped shirts in my closet. My love of navy and white runs deep this year, so these add the perfect pop of color.

This style of crochet shorts isn’t as dressy as some out there, but since I typically only wear shorts for casual things like running errands, these are perfect.


I don’t have a picture in my crochet shorts, but here I am in my awesome flamingo shirt and slub cotton t-shirt. Don’t mind the awkward pose and odd smile in the picture on the right. I’m still getting used to the world of blog selfies.

Since my husband is so picky about what he wears, I’m absolutely no help when it comes to men’s apparel at Target. I’ve bought a number of things at Target over the years for my son, but the toddler boys section hasn’t been calling my name lately. However, when it comes to toddler girls, you pretty much should just hide my credit card.


How cute is this pink romper featuring bananas?? Yes, bananas. A little quirky, but I love it, especially for $8. Warning, this romper doesn’t have the little snaps at the bottom for diaper changes, but it is relatively easy to get off. Basically, this is the perfect outfit to send your daughter to day care in when someone else is changing the diapers. #yesididthat


This white cotton embroidered dress is seriously as cute as can be. Nothing better than a white dress during summer, and the embroidery adds just the right amount of color. And for $12?! Sold.


This aztec dress is one of my favorites. The dress is definitely more dark grey in person than black as shown in the picture above, which makes for a better color combo. It is currently on clearance and Target has an extra 10% off clearance items with code EXTRA10, bringing this dress down to $9.18.


Not that you really needed a baby model to recognize this dress is adorable, but here is a little cutie to brighten your day.

Did I need any of these items? No.

Am I happy I now own them all? Yes.