Adventures in Shopping with a Baby


I do a lot of my shopping these days on the internet for a very good reason. Shopping with kids is usually enough to make me go insane. Sometimes it works out better than expected, but other times you might as well take me straight to the looney bin.

Now, over the last three years, I’ve shopped with kids countless times. It was easy in the newborn days when the baby happily slept in the stroller. And it is getting easier for my almost 3 year old who can now be bribed and is easily entertained by snacks, toys and my iPhone. Yes, I’ll admit on occasion, I’m that parent. The one that gives her kid a phone to keep them occupied. #notashamed

But, I also have a 10 month old baby who can’t easily feed herself without assistance, can’t walk and throws her toys for fun. And all she wants to do with my iPhone is chew on it. I’m not a germaphobe by any stretch, but I have read those studies about what can be found on our phones. Ew.

This past weekend, my husband took my son out for an afternoon of man time so Mackenzie and I were left with an afternoon to ourselves. I kept receiving email after email advertising Memorial Day sales, so I succumbed to the pressure and headed to Scottsdale Fashion Square. Anyone who has ever been there knows this is one insanely large mall. We spent a couple hours there and only went into a handful of stores.

We started at Nordstrom since they have their Half Yearly Sale going on right now. I already blogged about a couple favorite finds from the online sale, and I was hoping it would be even better in person. Unfortunately, all I found were insanely large groups of women digging through racks, odd sizes and a very nice diaper changing table in the women’s lounge. I suppose when shopping with a baby, a clean bathroom is a win. I’ll take it.

I made my way to lululemon to check out their sale rack. My local store had an additional $10 off all sale stickers, but all I found were long sleeve shirts and pants. Not ideal when temperatures are projected to hit 100 this week, so Mackenzie and I moved on.

Since I’ve long professed my love for Tory (as in Burch, obviously), I headed there next. I always get excited walking into TB since they always tend to have slightly different things in the store than they do online. And what did I find? The logo lattice sandals for under $100 (50% off).  I actually blogged about this exact style a couple weeks back when Tory Burch had their big accessory sale going on, and they are even better in person.


My local store had these in four colors – white, coral, blue and nude. I originally tried on the nude but ended up going coral. The picture above makes them look much more orange than they look on my feet, which I’d consider more of a reddish/orange color. Now, please excuse the odd foot selfie and bright blue nail polish, but here are my new favorite shoes:


They are all sold out on but I did find the same pair at  Not quite as cheap as what I found in the store, but an option if you are like me and need (yes, need) a pair of coral sandals for the summer.


Right across from Tory Burch is a store called Lorna Jane, which is Australia’s version of lululemon. I have one Lorna Jane tank that my sister-in-law, who happens to live in Australia, purchased for me. Their prices seem to be even more expensive than lululemon, but they had a big sign advertising 20% off sale, so I went to check it out.


I didn’t see much that interested me with the exception of this 80’s throw back workout hat.  I absolutely love the bright floral pattern and already got some use out of it. I have an oddly small head and have been known to purchase hats in the kids department before (don’t judge), but I was able to make this one work. I was happy when this one rang up for $16 before tax, but they now have it marked down to $14 online. If you need a new workout hat, this is a great purchase.

Mid-Lorna, Mackenzie decided she couldn’t take the stroller anymore. Carrying her around this insanely large mall was getting to be tough, so it was break time.


So happy to be out of her stroller. And I’ll admit, I wasn’t too upset to take a break either. Shopping is hard work.

Finally, we decided to head into Gap. Remember last week when I blogged about those $20 jean shorts? Well, I got distracted and didn’t pull the trigger ordering them online, but I hadn’t forgotten about them. I saw them in the store and decided to try them on.


You know what, I screwed up and made a big shopping mistake. I overpaid. There, I said it. I hesitated with the online markdown and paid more when I purchased them in the store this past weekend. I think I can get through this one without a therapist because they are awesome. Officially my summer jean shorts of 2015. Gap had everything 40% off so it wasn’t like a paid full price or anything (don’t act like I’d do that), but I could have saved more. Oh well, maybe one day I’ll get over it.


I found a couple other really cute shirts on the sale rack. This laser cut shirt, which also comes in yellow, is  adorable on. Even though the cut outs look like they go well above this model’s belly button, it was nowhere near that high on me. To prove it, I’ll post my first blog selfie:


Don’t make fun of the terrible lighting in my bad hallway selfie, but I do always think it helps to see stuff like this on real people instead of 100 lb 5’10’ models. See how excited I am about my new sandals, shorts and tank? I actually went home and changed after my shopping trip. #truestory

The cutouts hit right at the waistline of my new denim shorts, so it would look great paired with colorful shorts or jeans. If the holes scare you, it would look great with a cami underneath, too. I want to say I got it for somewhere around $10.50 in the store and I’ll know I’ll get a ton of use out of it this summer.


I also bought this striped peplum cotton tank. It doesn’t really look like anything special in this picture, but in person it is really cute. Just a slightly updated version of a simple cotton tank, which I can see myself wearing everyday. If you are an XS, they have a couple different colors online for $6.99 right now, or here are some solid color options for slightly more. I actually like it so much that I think I’m going to order a few more colors, especially since they have an additional 25% off with code HAPPY. #mykindofbargain

After the Gap fitting room experience, Mackenzie let me know it was time to go. She also let the other customers in the store know in case they were wondering.

I did have to make one quick return at Old Navy on the way home. Remember the chambray star dress from a couple weeks back? Well, it went back.


It looked more like a tent on me than it did on her. I even ordered the petite thinking it might have slightly less fabric. On well, you can’t win them all.

Anyone else find some Memorial Day sale goodies?