Gift Guide: Bar Gifts

Who doesn’t love a nice cocktail around the holidays? It’s a fun time of year to celebrate, especially when 2020 has been the ultimate downer. Let’s cheers to getting closer to the end of the strangest year ever. Here is my gift guide with my favorite bar gifts for 2020.

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So many fun bar gift ideas! I personally love bar gifts because they tend to appeal to a pretty wide age range. Well, 21+ obviously, but they work for a lot of men and women. Kurt and I own a bunch of the items listed above and I’ll tell you guys about my favorites.

If you are a White Claw, Truly or other hard seltzer lover, you need this slim can coozie by Brumate. Especially with the intense AZ heat, this little device keeps my cocktail cold until literally the last sip. I actually don’t enjoy seltzers that much if they are warm, so this is one of my number one bar gifts and stocking stuffer ideas for 2020.

I also own these rose wine glasses, as well as these stainless steel stemless wine glasses. I like using the stainless steel glasses when we are down by the pool because they are virtually indestructible. Also, these rose glasses have a tiny hint of pink in the glass and are just flat out pretty.

Finally, my husband tends to be a bit of a amateur mixologist. He actually has this cocktail smoking kit on his wish list for 2020. To be honest, I’ve never had a smoked cocktail since whiskey and bourbon aren’t my thing. I don’t quite know what this thing does, but it is definitely a unique idea.

Cheers, friends! Thanks so much for checking out my bar gift guide!

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