Where You’ll Find Me This Summer – On My Ledge Lounger

I could easily spend the summer right there

Summer vacation has officially arrived! My daughter is done with school for the summer and my son will be out shortly after Memorial Day. I couldn’t be more excited to take a break from packing lunches and our crazy jam packed schedule. However, like most Arizonans, I fear the summer because of our intense desert heat. A pool is key to survival. Therefore, there’s a good chance I’ll be spending the majority of my summer on my Ledge Lounger.

Note: While this post is sponsored by Ledge Lounger, all opinions included are my own.

These resort like lounge chairs are amazing

Before I talk about this summer, let’s rewind back to last summer. The summer of the remodel. In all honesty, I should call it the year of the remodel since we still have a huge list of outstanding projects. However, last summer was when our contractors started breaking things and putting them back together.

You guys have heard me talk a ton about our interior remodel, but not as much about the exterior. We still have landscaping, paint, a ramada, and some other outdoor projects in the works. However, I couldn’t be more excited about our completed pool remodel.

When we bought this place, it did have a pool. In fact, the pictures make the old pool look not so bad. In reality, the plaster was old, the tile was faded, the cool decking was pink, the railings were an eyesore, and the deep end was deep. 12+ feet deep. As a mom with two kids, I couldn’t see the need for a deep end that deep. Not only does it feel a tad dangerous, it collected kid toys and required a ton of water. Not the most cost efficient resource in the desert.

Old plaster pool
Our pool and landscaping prior to the remodel

We didn’t dramatically change the shape of the pool, but we did refinish the surface with pebble tec, upgraded the equipment, added travertine pavers and new water line tile. We also filled in the deep end and added a baja shelf, which is a ledge slightly below the water line. AKA the home to my new Ledge Lounger chaises.

Such a gorgeous backyard

Our pool design didn’t happen on accident. I saw Ledge Lounger pool chairs at a resort years ago and knew I would have them at my home one day. We had a baja shelf in our pool at our last home, but it was too deep and wasn’t long enough for the pool chairs of my dreams. This time around, we weren’t making those same mistakes.

The best part about these chairs is they allow you to comfortably relax in the water. Especially during the summer in Arizona, I’m lucky if I make it 10 minutes outdoors before diving in. Ledge Lounger essentially created the perfect solution for me to be able to relax and supervise my kids, without the discomfort of a raft.

When the Ledge Lounger chairs first arrived, we submerged them underwater to fill them up. Since they are full of pool water, they stay in place and don’t float around like other alternatives. Same thing with our side table, which has a removable lid and doubles as an in-pool cooler or umbrella stand. The head rest pillows on the chairs are the icing on the cake. Pretty much the coolest thing that could ever happen to my backyard.

One key thing you need to know before ordering – the depth of your baja shelf. Ledge Lounger makes two standard in pool styles to accommodate different depths. The Signature Chaise works for ledges up to 9″ and the Chaise Deep is best for ledges 10″ – 15″. However, Ledge Lounger is now in the process of rolling out risers to accommodate shelves deeper than 15″. The risers aren’t on the website yet, but can be purchased by calling customer service.

Coolest pool chairs

I’ll admit, one of my worries about these amazing chairs is they would be hard to keep clean. I loved the bright white color (although other colors are also available), but we all know white can often require work. As it turns out, that wasn’t an issue at all. Even if we end up with a little more debris in the pool than expected, it’s nothing a little scrub with pool brush can’t fix. Maintenance has not been an issue at all.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about our chairs. They are super comfortable, low maintenance, and such a statement piece for our remodeled yard. I’m already eyeing some of their other outdoor furniture for the open spaces around our pool deck.

Who has seen these awesome chairs on vacation before? Would you custom build a ledge for them in your pool like I did? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

  • My kind of pool scene
  • Such a stunning Arizona backyard
  • Love our ledge loungers



  1. My shelf looks like the same depth, which chairs did you get

    • My baja shelf is 13” deep so I went with the deep chaise chairs. I believe the regular chair goes up to 9”. If you have a Baja shelf over 16” call Ledge Lounger customer service and they can make a riser for you. Love my chairs!!!

  2. What is the name of the pool liner you used? I love it!

    • It actually isn’t a liner at all. It’s a rock material called pebble tec that is used a lot in Arizona. We don’t have to close our pools here so it is usually either plaster or pebble tec. I grew up in Ohio though so I know all about liners. Hope that helps!!

    • Hi Jenny,
      Can you please advise the name of the colour of Pebble Tec you used? its gorgeous! Its so hard to work out pool colours by the small colour samples.
      I am so buying ledge loungers 🙂 for my new pool!

      • Hi Holly! We used Tropics Blue by NPT for the pebble on our pool. Yes, it is so hard to find the right color and we debated on it for a long time. A year later I’m really happy with how the color turned out. Definitely let me know if you have any other questions!


    • Hi Kelly! Our baja shelf dimensions are 96″ wide x 228″ long x 14″ deep. Hope that helps! Jenny

  3. Actually I saw those lounge chairs first time on Pinterest and I knew that was what I wanted for my pool. We built a pool very alike yours with a beach area so I could buy those chairs. I haven’t yet, looking for the perfect ones and because we have been dealing with the landscaping. Also we used pebbles from wet edge finish “ Tahoe color”

  4. Can you tell me what color gray the headrest pillows are? Is it charcoal gray or cadet gray? Thanks!

  5. Hey!! Love your pool!!! What type of stone did you choose for around the pool !!! It’s so beautiful I’m in the process of building now and was looking for something similar …

    • They are a Mexican travertine and the color was silver. Hope that helps! They are even prettier in person

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