Home Remodel: Choosing our Grey and White Color Scheme

I love this grey and white bathroom

When Kurt and I first moved to Arizona in 2010, we took southwestern living a little too seriously. We fully adopted the beige and tan color scheme, which was admittedly, very in-style at the time. However, when we started looking for a new place last year, we both 100% agreed on one thing. We wanted a white and grey color scheme this time around.

This grey and white bathroom is a dream

Before I get too far, I want to thank Behr for sponsoring this post. They provided paint for our remodel so we could achieve the color scheme that truly matches our style.

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Master bathroom goals right here

One of our big struggles when we were looking for homes last year was EVERYONE in Arizona seemed to love the brown tones. Yes, greys and whites are totally in style right now, but most of AZ hasn’t quite gotten that memo. We knew paint was going to be a huge part of any remodel project.

The funny thing is whites and greys are absolutely our style. We bought our first home together back in 2007 when we were newly married. I don’t recall it really being a thing back then, but that home had grey walls, white trim and wood floors with black accents. Either we were ahead of the times (doubtful) or we are just getting back to our style roots.

It's crazy how different colors look in different rooms

After we closed on our current home, we did what anyone undertaking a remodel does. We went to Home Depot and got a whole bunch of paint samples. We painted swatches on just about every room in the house so we could see what the paint would look like in different spaces. It’s amazing how different the same paint color can look in two different rooms! Even throughout the day the colors change a lot depending on the lighting. I absolutely recommend doing this before you ever make a paint color decision.

Love this paint and printer mix for one coat coverage

We ended up choosing the color Natural Grey (PPU18-10) in the Marquee paint and white walls for the ceiling. The Marquee paint is amazing because it has paint and primer all in one and is guaranteed to have one coat coverage in over 1,000 colors.

Master bathroom goals
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We ended up painting our entire house the same color, including the bedrooms and bathrooms. For this house, we are considering doing wallpaper in a few small spaces, but that is pretty low on the priority list. Plus it is much easier to just make one paint choice when undertaking such a big project. See below for a few more photos of our paint in different spaces.

I can honestly say I’m thrilled with our paint color choice. We really wanted a true grey that wasn’t too beige and wasn’t too blue. It is the perfect middle of the road color that blended perfectly with all of our decor.

This gray color book made choosing a color so easy

One of the best things about Behr paint is it is sold at Home Depot. Anyone who has ever been through a remodel knows how many trips are made to the home improvement store. I also love that Behr offers full color books for free at Home Depot so you can pick up color chips of all the grey or beige paints in one single book. So nice to not have to make a second trip!

Those grey tile floors with the white cabinets
Exact vanity lights (currently sold out in black), cabinet hardware

What do you think of our grey and white color scheme? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Hi there, just came across your blog and I’m obsessed with your decor. We are currently painting our entire house Natural Grey after weeks of testing different greys. We felt this was the best “true” grey. My question is, how do you feel about the color after some time. My biggest fear is that I will think it’s too light in time.

  2. Hi Lola! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. It has been about 9 months since the main areas were painted and I still absolutely love the color!! Definitely not too light and plenty of contrast. We receive compliments on it every time we have guests over and my hubby is also still happy with our choice (he’s super picky). Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions. Best, Jenny

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