Home Remodel: Lighting

That light is perfect over the table

If you have caught my last few home posts, then you know we are finally almost done with the construction phase of our home remodel. We’ve run into more challenges than I ever expected (more on that later), but we are so close to the finish line. In fact, I can see it clearly under our brand new lighting.

Such a cool bathroom light fixture

Before I get started, I want to send a huge thank you over to my friends at Hudson Valley Lighting for sponsoring this post. Hudson Valley Lighting operates several lighting brands under their umbrella including their namesake brand, Hudson Valley Lighting, along with Mitzi, Troy Lighting and Corbett Lighting. Not only do they make stunning light fixtures, they’ve also been amazingly flexible with me throughout this whole remodel journey. And a journey it sure has been. Good products and good people go a long ways for me.

This 48" dining table fits perfectly in the breakfast nook

When we were in the design phase of our remodel, there were a few things we really wanted in the house. White cabinets, wood look floors, grey paint and some statement pieces. For me, this meant tile in a few select spots and some amazing lighting in the kitchen, dining room and master bedroom.

Love the black light fixture

I’m going to start with the dining room because this is one of the spaces that had the biggest transformation. In fact, this room wasn’t even the dining room when we bought it. It used to be a formal living room and the dining room was adjacent to this space. We didn’t have a use for a formal living room so we converted the dining room into a play room (parents everywhere understand this decision) and turned this space into a pretty darn amazing dining room.

We filled in the sunken living room space, tore out a giant granite fireplace and installed this huge set of sliding glass doors. When we were looking at homes, I had this vision of Thanksgiving dinner with the doors wide open and an awesome chandelier above my head. This Xavier chandelier by Troy Lighting couldn’t fit the space more perfectly.

Crushing on this modern chandelier

In fact, this table and light are the first thing every single person who walks into my house sees. My neighbor walked into my house a few weeks ago and asked me to send him the link to this light fixture because he wants to install it in his own home. It is such a gorgeous statement piece.

This modern kitchen table and chairs are perfect in this kitchen

Next up, let’s move to the kitchen. You guys got a sneak peek of this space in my breakfast nook post from a few weeks back. If you saw the post, you already know this light was seriously made for the space.

As much as I wanted to do gold hardware throughout the house, my husband and I decided to go with black for a variety of reasons. The Brigitte chandelier by Mitzi fits perfectly over our 48″ dining table. The color on the website says old bronze, but we found it is the perfect shade of gunmetal. It is also available in aged brass and polished nickel.

I've been looking for the perfect matte black chandelier

Funny story. I shared a photo on Instagram a couple weeks back where this fixture was visible. One of my best friends from college who has impeccable taste commented saying she just bought the exact same fixture in brass. Great minds definitely think alike.

Master bathroom goals

And finally, let’s talk about the master bath. This is by far one of my favorite spaces in our home. The statement tile, free standing bath and gold light fixture to finish off the space. Yes, I was able to convince my hubby to let me install gold. He even loves how it turned out!!

This Ani pendant by Mitzi is available in three finishes (brass, copper and nickel) and has the coolest geometric shape. We wired the bathroom so the overhead can lights can be turned off and the pendant can be turned on as accent lighting. I’m not really a bath person, but this set-up makes me second guess that statement. It also doesn’t hurt this fixture is under $200!

I have the perfect place for this brass chandelier

Which fixture is your favorite? For me, it is like choosing a favorite child. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

That light is perfect over the freestanding tub