40 Pairs of Cute Sandals for Spring and Summer

I need these Patricia Green sandals

We are now half way through April. No clue how that happened, but that means we are solidly into sandal season in AZ. Some of you in the Midwest might still be wearing your snow boots, but if you are, I bet you are dreaming of letting those toes breathe. Therefore, I did some digging and found the 40 cutest pairs of sandals for spring and summer.

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I need these espadrille sandals

As a stay-at-home mom and blogger who works from home, I pretty much live in sandals. Now I’m not talking open toe booties or wedges. I’m talking flat as a board sandals. Ones that allow me to grocery shop in comfort and attend baseball games without anyone asking me “why I’m so dressed up?”. It’s funny that booties and wedges now equal dressy in my mom life.

These bow sandals are just the cutest

Even if you aren’t a mom, several good pairs of sandals are essential for spring and summer. I recently snagged these gold bow sandals and they’ve quickly become my new faves. I love the espadrille bottom, the big ole bows and the fact they are comfy. This pair is also really similar if you are looking for a less expensive option.

OK literally the cutest sandals ever made

I don’t own all 40 pairs of sandals below (I wish I did), but I own enough of them to call myself a self-proclaimed “shoe collector”. No clue what that terms is all about – I just made it up – but it makes me feel more like a collector than a hoarder. Let’s put it this way, I have my fair share of shoes in my closet. Anyway, my favorites include the Tory Burch Millers, Jack Rogers Georgica and Tate, rose gold Camila, Nalho wrap sandals, and the Patricia Green bow pair you see here. I really want to buy the Steven Greece sandal, but almost every other blogger out there already owns them so I’m a little hesitant to jump on the bandwagon.

I’ll stop blabbing on and show you guys my 40 favorite sandal picks for spring and summer. Do you guys have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

The cutest sandals to choose from this season



  1. These sandals are super cute! I love how they are dressy and can be worn with anything like a casual outfit. Love the bow details❤️

  2. I LOVE sandal season! You’ve linked some great ones! Thanks for making me want to buy more, lol!!!

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