Lovely in Lace and Living in Limbo

The flutter sleeves on this lace top are so cute

I had big plans to write a well-crafted blog post about all the cute lace items I’ve been seeing around stores. As much as I love lace, I’ll admit, my personal life is clouding my thoughts. It’s all good stuff, but my family and I are stuck in a big state of limbo right now. I’m trying to remain positive, but I absolutely hate this feeling. I’ll explain in a minute…

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Such a cute spring outfit

Outfit details: lace peplum shirt, jeans, wedges, bamboo bag (only $40!), earrings, sunglasses, watch, wrap bracelet

Before I begin blabbing on, I’m going to get the outfit details out the way. That was the purpose of this post in the first place so I might as well talk about this cute lace top. This pretty off-white beauty can easily be dressed up or down, worn underneath a sweater or on its own as a statement piece. There are only a few sizes left online, but it is currently on sale for $32. Can’t beat that price for such a pretty piece.

Such a pretty white lace top

Alright, here’s the scoop. We are moving! Don’t get too excited because we aren’t moving very far. We are staying in Scottsdale and are only moving 10-15 minutes or so away from our current house. But that’s precisely the problem because we aren’t 100% sure where we are moving just yet. We already sold our house (well, it’s under contract), which is AMAZZZZZING. That’s the good news. The bad news is we found another house we like, but we’ve been going back and forth with the seller. We are submitting another counter today, which I already know they will counter again. Just make it end already!

I love this lace peplum shirt

On top of that, the house we are looking at is a total 90’s fixer upper. 90% of me is excited about doing our first remodel, but 10% of me is absolutely terrified of what could go wrong. I’m a total pessimist (my husband can’t stand that about me), so I always worry about the worst case scenario. Like right now, all I can think about is what is going to happen if we can’t come to an agreement on this house. We’ve been looking for about a year and haven’t found exactly what we are looking for. Even this house isn’t perfect, but we can see huge potential in this 90’s beast. But this feeling of limbo is awful.

This is such a cute sleeveless top for spring

I’m sure we will have some clarity within the next couple days, but I’m so ready for this nerve-wrecking negotiation process to end. Has anyone else been through this before? Also, if we do end up buying the fixer-upper, would you guy be interested in following along with our remodel? Any and all advice would be appreciated!! I’ll update you guys as soon as I know more!

I love a good white lace shirt

I love this black and white spring outfit





  1. Remodeling sounds so fun because you get to design the home you want. I understand how nerve wrecking it could be too. We will speak into existence that the counter offerings are coming to an end. God’s got this planned all out. Love your lace top babe as I am a fan of lace. I love lace in the spring.
    Best wishes to you and your family (and your move). I vacationed in Scottsdale in 2016 and loved it. It’s beautiful out there.


  2. I am such a lace lover! I love lace in everything and that top is so pretty on you! That bag is to die for! I wish you and your family best of luck in your new home and I can’t wait to see it! ❤️

  3. I hate remodeling!!! We’ve done it twice and no more!!! That was enough!!! It’s so stressful, good luck!!! (I’m a pessimist too, lol) 🙈

  4. What a lovely outfit! I absolutely love how you styled this beautiful top! I’m very excited about your project and can’t wait for updates!

    ~xoxo Sheree

  5. Lace is a trend that will never go out of style, the top looks great on you, I love the cut and the white lace so pretty!

    ~xo Sheree

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