Cute and Mom Friendly One Piece Swimsuits

The cutest one piece swimsuits

I’m declaring 2018 the year of the one piece swimsuit. I actually sported a couple one pieces last summer, but I didn’t fully embrace the trend until now. As you guys know, I just got back from Hawaii on Monday. This was the first vacation since I was probably 10 years old where I wore only one piece swimsuits. And I loved every second of it.

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I’ll admit, I don’t have the world’s greatest abs. I like tacos, pizza and wine wayyy too much, which is just fine by me. If it really bothered me, maybe I’d pass on the queso and quac from time to time. Errrrr, not going to happen. However, I’m all about a trend where I don’t have to put my abs on full display. Call me self conscious if you want. I’m actually calling myself confident and comfortable in a swimsuit for the first time in decades.

Never in a million years did I think I’d be comfortable posting swimsuit photos on my blog. To be honest, I’m really embarrassed I’m putting them out there, but I’m hoping one day I’ll look back and them and be happy I did. The only reason I’m doing it is because there is absolutely nothing revealing about these photos. After all, this is how I spent my vacation. Chilling on the beach with my kiddos and making memories. And I’m fully convinced the one piece trend is the solution to moms enjoying summer at the pool and beach. Therefore, I’m sharing my favorite one pieces for moms (human moms, dog moms, fish moms, whatever) as a way to spread the love.

The best one piece swimsuits for moms

Cute swimsuits for moms

How cute is the ruffle on this one piece swimsuit?

OK, let’s talk about this tropical off the shoulder suit first. I have a funny story about this one. I ordered this suit, along with the palm print suit you’ll find below off Amazon on a whim. I was looking for an off the shoulder one piece and these would arrive at my house within two days thanks to good old Prime shipping. Only problem was when the suit arrived, it was a completely different pattern. This was the off the shoulder swimsuit I originally ordered. I liked the pattern that arrived, but the one I paid for had more white and pink instead of red and orange.

I reached out to Amazon about it and they refunded my money and told me to keep it. Score. As it turns out, it was my favorite suit I wore on my trip. It was super comfortable and in my opinion, the most flattering. Sadly, I can’t find the exact one on Amazon, but this one is really similar and only $10. I ordered a size small and would say it fits true to size. One of my friends ordered a different pattern of the one I originally ordered and thought it ran short, so keep that in mind if you have a long torso. My torso is about as short as it gets so I’m no help there.

I need this affordable palm print one piece

Take me to the beach with this suit

Need this one piece bathing suit

How cute is this palm print swimsuit

Now let’s talk about this adorable palm print swimsuit with the cute ruffle on top. Like I said, I ordered it along with the tropical print above and originally planned on only keeping one. However, when Amazon refunded my money due to the issue with the print, I decided to go ahead and keep them both. This one is only a whopping $15.99 so I figured I was doing pretty well for two cute suits. This one also comes with removable shoulder straps if you want to turn it into a cold shoulder type of look.

I didn’t have any problems with either suit falling down and thought they were both pretty comfortable. I even was able to pull my arms out of the ruffles when I was sitting in the sun to avoid odd tan lines.

I love the one-piece bathing suit trend

I just love this colorful swimsuit

 The best mom friendly swimsuits

This striped swimsuit is too cute!

Finally, if you guys follow me on Instagram then you saw the photo I shared wearing this striped one piece swimsuit earlier this week. I’m a lover of all things with stripes so I’ve been admiring the swimsuit brand Solid and Striped since last year. The brand is pretty pricey, as most of their suits run around $160. In early January, I found this bathing suit for $110 off the original price and ordered it as quickly as I could. The colors are even prettier in person than in the photos. This exact color combo isn’t available anymore, but this one and this one are really similar and the same style. I don’t see the one piece trend going anywhere anytime soon so I’m giving you permission to splurge on a cute striped suit.

 How adorable is this boho swimsuit?

The best boho bathing suit I've ever worn

I need this one piece swimsuit for Spring Break!

Also, I wore this cute boho swimsuit which you might remember from my post a couple weeks back. I didn’t get any new photos wearing it in Hawaii, so head back to my post in Mexico for swimsuit details.

Finally, I’ve also rounded up my favorite one piece swimsuits that would be perfect for spring break and summer below. What do you think about the one piece trend? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I LOVE these suits!!! I have a vacation coming up and I’m trying to find suits that fit a pregnant belly and flatter! 😛

  2. Love your swimsuit picks! I have the tropical off shoulder that I got for me and my son’s bday Palm Springs trip last spring. One pieces are my jam because there are so many great designed ones out there. You can find so many on amazon.


  3. One pieces are my jam for MANY reasons! I actually have that same First suit you are wearing and love it! I actually wear mine as bodysuits too!!

  4. You look super lovely in all of your swimsuits and I love the off shoulder ruffles! It’s so classy and stylish at the same time❤️

  5. I love all your pics mama! Need to start shopping for new suits so this is helpful.

  6. Finally got a chance to read your one-piece suit blog. Love those Solid and Striped suits. They are SO cute! I’m going to try one of the Amazons before I splurge, but the splurge might be worth it!

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