Four Easy Steps To Spruce Up Your Master Bedroom For Spring

This is the time of year when I’m ready to get some things around the house. Purging, spring cleaning and DIY projects which have been on the to-do list for months. One project in particular that has been on my list for a while is making a few updates to my master bedroom. I’m excited to share something a little different with you guys today and take you inside my home. I documented my latest project and came up with four easy steps to update your master bedroom for Spring.

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I’ll admit, over the past few years, my home hasn’t received a lot of attention. I went from the baby phase where all I focused on were nurseries and baby gear straight into fashion blog mode. I absolutely love interior design, but a good majority of the stuff in our house was purchased anywhere between 7 years ago (when we built this house) to 11 years ago (when we got married). To be honest, when I look around my house now, everything looks a little dated. Therefore, I was excited when Snapfish asked if I’d like to partner up with them on a home campaign to spruce up a space for spring. I’ve been a Snapfish customer for many years and so I know the brand very well. But I’ll admit, I don’t usually think of Snapfish when it comes to home products. Therefore, I was excited to see what they had to offer.

My husband and I have been looking for a new home in Scottsdale for probably 9 months now. We’ve been struggling to find something we absolutely love (more on that some other day). Therefore, because we are on the house hunt, I wasn’t ready to make any major purchases. I don’t want to invest in all new furniture until I find our next home and see which pieces will fit. To me, sprucing up a space means a minor update and not a complete overhaul. Here are a few easy ways I updated my master bedroom without breaking the bank.

1. Update your photos and wall art. Prior to this post, I had about 8 frames filled with adorable newborn photos of my kids. Yes, the pictures were freaking adorable, but my kids have taken other equally adorable photos since then. There is something about fresh photos that instantly updates a space. I was excited to try out Snapfish’s awesome new maple table top and wall prints (shop all home items here). The photos are printed on actual wood, which give them such a unique and interesting look.

The perfect white marble tray for a master bedroom

I ordered two of the 5×7 table top stand photos, as well as two of the 11×14 wall prints. The quality of the prints are amazing and I absolutely love how you can see the wood grain through the picture. I still have plans to hang the wall prints somewhere, but my husband is adamantly objecting to putting any more holes in the walls of this house. So in the meantime, the 11×14 prints will lean nicely against my dresser mirror and wall. Not ideal, but in the interest of a happy husband, I’m going with it. Use code JENNYHOME50 to take 50% off all home products at Snapfish. This brings the 5×7 wood prints down to only $12.50 and the large prints down to only $35. Bargain.

I also swapped out the metal candle votive wall art (you know, the ones everyone had 10 years ago) that used to hang above my bed with some updated wood wall hangings. Scroll down a page for the before photo. Being honest, I bought these wood art pieces probably 9 months ago and they’ve been sitting in the corner of our master bedroom, waiting to be hung. It took this post to motivate my husband to take down the candle art and put these up (see his feelings above regarding nails in the wall). He agreed the new art looks SO MUCH BETTER. Especially in a master bedroom, updating the art above the bed makes a huge difference.

2. Refresh your bedding. It is amazing what a difference a new duvet cover can make. Let’s be real here. The bed is usually the largest item in a master bedroom. Brightening up the bedding will have a huge impact on the room. Want to see the before?? Here you go:

Neutral striped bedding

Here is the before. And yes, the candles were green. No clue.

All I have to say about the before is blah. I’ve been craving white bedding for years, but with little kids, it wasn’t practical. However, now they are 3 and 5 so I’m hoping they can attempt to keep it clean. I found this white Tahari duvet set on sale at Homegoods for only $50. Eventually, I want to get new sheets and replace my actual bed, but again, those are good projects when we get in the new house. Until then, a white duvet and a cute faux fur blanket are inexpensive ways to update my bed.

White bedding makes such a difference

A thousand times better

3. Update your hardware. We purchased our master bedroom furniture just after we got married in 2006. To be honest, it doesn’t look all that bad for its age, but the shape of the hardware pulls are a tad modern for our current taste. I considered buying new pulls, but they are an odd size and we have a TON of them in our room (33 to be exact). I was looking at over $200 in brand new handles, which didn’t seem worth the money since we want to eventually replace all the furniture. Replacing the hardware is definitely a good option for many of you. However, instead I convinced my husband to allow me to spray paint them all gold.

Easy DIY gold furniture hardware

It is funny to me that gold is back in style these days. I remember when we built our first home, stainless steel was all the rage. Now, gold is back big-time. I did find it a tad difficult to find the correct color of gold spray paint – one that isn’t to shiny or brassy. I spent some time alone in Home Depot checking out the spray paint options (I’m sure the workers thought I was bonkers), but I did find the perfect shade. It was called Satin Bronze by Krylon in case anyone is interested. I even painted them all myself with zero help from the hubby. Total cost of updating my hardware was a whopping $8. Just call me Joanna Gaines.

Before and after with DIY hardware

The before and after

4. Change up your color scheme. It is funny because my home style is totally different than my fashion style. Clearly, I wear a ton of colors and bold, bright prints and patterns. At home, I love neutrals. I actually have very little color incorporated in my home with the exception of the kids rooms. When we first moved to Arizona back in 2010, browns were in. We have light brown walls with brown wood floors, brown tile, dark brown cabinets, brown pillows and brown just about everything else. In 2018, I’m so over brown. I’m craving a white house with gold accents and light grey walls (again, future home), but for now, I’m settling for an updated white, gold and brown color scheme in the master bedroom. I can’t get away from the brown completely unless we gut the house, so I’m embracing it in the best way possible.  

I know what you are thinking, this could get expensive. However, I brought a ton of white into the room just by swapping out the duvet cover. I also bought a cute white and gold marble tray that fit perfectly into my new color scheme. I’ll fully admit, after spray painting the drawer hardware, I realized how easy it is to update accessories with a simple spritz of paint. I proceeded to spray paint our lamps, a pot, our coasters and even the tissue box holder. You may have seen some of the craziness on my Instagram Stories. My husband basically needed to hide my spray paint can before I started going after the rest of the house. I picked up a few other inexpensive gold accessories and used my existing plants to polish off the room.

Do you think these four easy and affordable steps spruced up my space? I’m so happy with how it all turned out! You can also shop my accessories in the widget below. Have a good week, everyone!



  1. Doesn’t it feel so good to spruce up our spaces! I recently updated our bedroom and LR with new pieces and it just looks so good!!

  2. You have a beautiful home and I love the clean and chic home decor. Adding different color handles is a great idea to instantly make a room pop!

    ~xo Sheree

  3. Wow! Your master retreat is gorgeous with all the little things you did to spruce it up! I feel like all of that is totally doable and manageable when thinking about re-doing a space. We’re about to start doing small projects in our master, so this gives me a lot of great ideas! Thanks, girl!

    xx Kristina ||

  4. I love sprucing up my place and I am planning on getting rid of my carpet in my family room to put hardwood floors in. I love how you decorated your room and it looks so fresh❤️

  5. Love how you decorated your master bedroom. And totally with you on the gold. 😊

  6. Sprucing up your home when the spring months are here is so great. I love to change up the look especially my bedding.

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