Styling Men this Holiday Season

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Who is still working on your holiday shopping? I’m SO proud to say my gift buying is complete. Finished. Dunzo. On top of purchasing gifts, I’ve even completed holiday clothes shopping for my family. This includes me, the kids, and my husband. And we all know shopping for and styling men isn’t always easy.

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I’m so excited about this post because it features a bunch of photos of my #1. Yep, I’ve convinced my husband, Kurt, to allow me to take a bunch of pictures of his cute face. It didn’t take all that much convincing for one simple reason. Today I’m talking all about his favorite store, Bonobos. He would have never agreed to do this for me for any other brand. Yes, he has appeared alongside me in several of our travel posts. He’s even allowed me to photograph his hand before for a miscellaneous watch post. But never before has he appeared in a post where he is in more photos than me. I’d like to thank Bonobos not only for sponsoring this post, but more importantly, for encouraging my hubs to take some cute pics in your awesome clothing and accessories.

My hubby loves this mid-weight quilted jacket

I’m not exaggerating, Kurt has been a long-time Bonobos fan. Most of his favorite items in his closet are from this stylish and modern men’s shop. He would probably claim he doesn’t like to shop, but it isn’t uncommon to have a stack of blue Bonobos boxes show up on our doorstep. He’s a HUGE fan of their golf shop, owns several Bonobos suits, and swears their jeans fit him better than any other. The quality of the clothing is amazing and the fit is spot on. I find Bonobos to have the perfect balance of modern, trendy and classic styles all blended into one. They also have amazing customer service, even calling their customer support employees their “ninjas”. I wish being a ninja was part of my job description!

All items are from my husband's favorite clothing store

Men can wear soft sweaters too

In these particular photos, Kurt is wearing the boucle sweater hoodie, Banff quilted jacket and the Selvage stretch jeans. I love this particular sweater because it is a dressier version than a typical hoodie. You know, those days where you want to wear a sweatshirt, but still want to look presentable. It’s super cozy, although I’m sure Kurt would probably use a more manly adjective to describe this particular piece.

My hubby loves his new black quilted jacket

This black quilted jacket was the exact winter piece his closet was missing. He has a number of heavy winter coats and lightweight fleeces, but not much in between. I think this piece is the perfect mid-weight jacket. He also can’t say enough good things about his dark wash stretchy jeans, which are available in 4 different fits (FYI, he’s wearing the slim fit here).

Giving back with Bonobos this holiday season

One of my other favorite things about Bonobos is their participation in the Give Back Box. Every single box they ship out comes with a pre-paid return label to return your blue shipping box with clothes or household items you no longer need. Those items will then be shipped back and donated to people in need. Give yourself a gift and help others in the process. Giving back has never been so easy.

I love his preppy style

I’m also sharing a bunch of my other favorite men’s clothing and accessories from Bonobos below. Bonobos has FREE shipping guaranteed to arrive by Christmas as long as the order is placed by 12/21 at 1PM EST. They have so many amazing gift ideas as well if you are still searching for that hard-to-shop-for guy (I know a bunch of those). Use the arrows to scroll through my picks.

Is your guy a fan of Bonobos? Didn’t Kurt do such a good job in these pictures? Let’s give him a round of applause for his first featured blog post! Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. Great Post Jenny! Your hubby did an awesome job here, great photos! I have never heard of this Brand before, but now I am intrigued, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Such a great post and I love that he agreed to do photos for you! His outfit looks great! I know my husband would love that sweater and jacket!

  3. Jenny I love the way the jacket and hoodie look together! Need to get this for my hubby for sure.

  4. Truly awesome post! Love several things about it. Love the support from your husband allowing you to take photos of him which might I add he did a great job modeling this look, his clothing choice to match his style and that this company gives back. All a win in my book. Thanks for sharing.


  5. You have some amazing negotiating skills to get your husband to pose for these photos! His jacket and sweater are closet staple and my husband would love these!

  6. I love love love his jacket! Your husband looks fantastic! I really love his style and confidence! I know my husband would totally resonate with his looks!

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