Fall Fashion for my Minis

The cutest little plaid family

Dressing myself for Fall is a lot of fun. But dressing my kids for Fall is wayyyy more fun. Especially my little girl. I mean, does it get much cuter than tiny boots, vests, dresses and jackets?! I actually have enjoyed dressing my son a lot more than I expected over the years, but Fall fashion is definitely for the girls.

Mommy and mini plaid

You guys know by now that I’m a fan of brand names. Yes, I definitely wear my fair share of no name clothing, but I’m a sucker for high-quality designer brands that I know and love. Today’s post is sponsored by the Phoenix area Kid to Kid stores who buy and sell designer clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear. I’ve worked with Kid to Kid before and I’m a big fan of their concept. Sell them the stuff your kids have grown out of and buy gently used items for whatever stage in childhood your kids are at. Genius.

Easy way to find kids designer clothing

Save on kids clothes at Kid to Kid

I recently visited the Kid to Kid store in Chandler and was on a mission to find my kids stuff for Fall and Winter. We are finally over the hump in Arizona and the evenings are starting to cool down. My family truly enjoys eating outdoors on the patio with a light sweater. Only problem is my kids have each grown multiple inches since last year and nothing in their closet fits them! Enter Kid to Kid.

Save on fall and winter clothes at Kid to Kid

Love it when my kids wear plaid

I’ll admit, I was drawn to the plaid. Big surprise, right?! Plaid and Fall go together like PB&J. I found the cutest plaid dress for my daughter and GAP button down shirt for my son, both of which cost right around $5. You might as well call us the little plaid family (anyone know the movie reference?!).

Matching mommy and me plaid

What a cute fall jacket

Kenzie was also in need of a new jacket for Fall and Winter. Even though it doesn’t get crazy cold here in AZ, a good jacket is still necessary for the cool mornings and evenings. I found this adorable quilted Gymboree jacket in Kenzie’s size for a total steal – only $5.99! She was begging me to wear it to dinner even though it was approximately 92 degrees outside at the time we took these photos. A jacket might be a tad bit unnecessary, little one.

Love this quilted jacket

Obsessed with this furry vest

I strongly believe one of the most important pieces every kid should own in Arizona is a good vest (or two!). They are super easy for kids to get on and off and give our little ones a little bit of warmth. I’d honestly wear this grey furry vest if it came in my size. So stinking cute. This entire outfit is from Kid to Kid, including the super cute glittery GAP slip on sneakers. Total cost for the shoes, leggings, plaid shirt and vest: $15. I mean, doesn’t it get much cuter?!

Mommy and me fall fashion

Loving the stripes

As it turns out, it does get cuter. Well, maybe equally as cute. I found this Joules striped dress for only $5.99. Joules is one of those fancy brands commonly sold at Nordstrom for at least $40 a piece. I like $5.99 a heck of a lot better.

Does this dress come in my size?

Pretty in pink

This series of photos just make me smile. Anyone who knows my daughter is well aware she doesn’t walk, she runs everywhere she goes. And not just small smooth strides. She pumps her arms and goes at it 100% with a huge smile on her face. She was thrilled to show off her super cute pink cardigan and black leggings which I found on the $1 rack at Kid to Kid. I’ll take a sweater and leggings for $2. And no, I can’t make up these prices.

Love a good cardigan on kids

The cutest cardi for a little girl

How adorable is this polka dot vest?

Finally, this outfit is probably a tad more Winter than Fall, but we will be there before we know it. The vest was $3.99, the pink long sleeve top was $1, the leggings were $2 and the boots cost around $7. Again, Kenzie is set for our Arizona winter for $15.

Puffy vests are so cute on kids

On top of clothes, Kid to Kid also has a huge selection of gently used Halloween costumes in all of their stores. Costumes are always so expensive and the kids usually only wear them for a couple hours. It just makes so much sense for Halloween. Check out the local Arizona Kid to Kid website to find the store location closest to you.

Have you bought or sold clothes or kid gear from Kid to Kid before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

Plaid for the whole family