Cognac Leather Tote

I love a rich brown leather bag

I love a gorgeous leather bag. Especially when fall is approaching, I find myself reaching for my leather bags instead of the straw clutches I’ve been using over the last couple months. A rich cognac leather bag just makes sense when we are on the verge of sweater weather.

Ahhhh I love this bag

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Jackson Wayne Leather for a while now. I have one of their leather clutches and admire a bunch of their men’s products.  The owner, Andrew, reached back out to me and asked if I’d be interested in sharing this GORGEOUS cognac leather tote with my readers. It took me about .0001 seconds before I replied with a big fat “yes”. The thing is this isn’t just any old leather bag. It is made from the highest quality, top-tier leather out there.

Jackson Wayne leather tote

Jackson Wayne is unique because they sell only the finest full grain leather. It is that type of leather that only gets better with age. Most mass-market bags are made out of “genuine leather”, which is actually the WORST grade of leather out there despite the deceiving name. Pretty sneaky marketing by some of those big-name designer handbag brands. It really makes me think twice now anytime I see a lot of those huge displays of designer bags at the mall. You can read more about what makes a quality leather bag here.

Such a pretty brown leather bag for fall

The other thing I didn’t know about mass produced leather goods is they are typically dyed using harsh chemicals. They call it “chrome tanned” which is much quicker and cheaper, but not environmentally-friendly. Jackson Wayne uses vegetable tanned leather, which is eco-friendly and a centuries old process. Only 10% of the world’s leather is made this way because it takes 6 weeks to make and is a much more expensive process. But the result is incomparable. The color is beautiful and it develops a rich patina over time. Basically, it gets better with age. If only my skin could develop a patina!!

Love a quality leather tote

The interior of my tote bag is unlined so you can truly see how beautiful the leather really is. I also love the size of the tote bag. It is big enough for me to easily carry my giant 32 oz. Hydro Flask, wallet, cosmetic case, keys and various other kid snacks and toys that are often in my bag. I also love the built-in pouch/pocket for small items like my phone and lip gloss.

The perfect size tote for all my stuff

Like I said, I’m a HUGE fan of Jackson Wayne’s products. Their items are definitely an investment, but still a steal compared to most of the other lesser-quality designer bags out there. They are conversation starters that will attract compliments for years to come.

Did you know the differences in leather quality? Hopefully I taught everyone a little something today. Happy Monday!

     How beautiful is this leather handbag?!?!

Such a gorgeous and high quality leather bag