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  colorful kimono

So here’s the thing. During the summer, my mind wants to wear cute sundresses all day long, but in real life, I’m wearing shorts. Yes, shorts can easily be dressed up or down, but usually if I’m dressing up, I’m not reaching for my shorts. I’m looking for something comfortable I can wear while running errands and chasing my crazy kids around. Side note: I just noticed how often I call my kids crazy. I love them to death, but they are a little crazy. If anyone has kids that aren’t a tiny bit crazy, I need to know your secret.

I decided to round up a few of my favorite shorts out on the market right now. Shorts can be hard to find, and in my opinion, shorts aren’t one of those things that need to cost you a boatload of money. Here are a few of my favorite pairs.

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Kimono sale

Denim and kimono

You guys originally saw these shorts in my Uptown Cheapskate post, but they have quickly become my go-to pair. I love the fringe on the bottom, they are super stretchy and go with pretty much everything. My exact color is sold out, but these are the same pair in a lighter shade and are under $50.

White jean shorts

Those of you who follow me on Instagram got a sneak peek of this outfit earlier this week. I’m in love with this pair of white distressed jean shorts. White shorts have always been a wardrobe staple of mine, but this year given the huge distressing trend, I was excited to get this pair by Romwe (C/O). I’m in love with this pair, but they do run crazy small. I usually wear a size 2 in shorts and ordered a large in these based on the size chart. I’m so happy I ordered the large because they fit me great. Don’t hesitate to give these a try, especially since they only cost $13!

Also, I know my gingham top has absolutely nothing to do with shorts, but it is one of my favorite tops I’ve worn in a while. I can totally see this one working in fall and winter under a sweater as well. Love it.

 Ripped shorts

Jean shorts

You guys saw this pair of flamingo shorts about a month ago in a prior blog post. Sadly, the flamingo print has since sold out, but the style of these shorts continues to be one of my favorites year after year. The exact chino style is sold at J. Crew and J. Crew Factory, but if you ask me, there is no reason to pay the full J. Crew price. Go with the factory style, which is currently marked down to $15. They have this really cute polka dot print, as well as a ton of other colors. Also, check out the 4″ and 5″ lengths if you are looking for something a tad longer.


Flamingo apparel

Like I said above, I truly don’t believe shorts are one of those things that should cost a lot of money. I snagged this pair of denim shorts on a TJ Maxx clearance rack for $10. They are super stretchy and have washed well many, many times. The brand name is Indigo Rein if you want to try to find a similar pair at your local store, or I did find this pair in black online by the same brand for only $15. Score.

I’ve also included a few other favorite below:

Do you have a go-to store for shorts? Let me know in the comments below.



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