Mad for Plaid Dresses

 Old navy white windowpane plaid flannel dress

You all know by now that I’m borderline obsessed with plaid shirts this year. I’ve been wearing them with shorts, jeans and leggings pretty much on repeat. I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread until I stumbled upon this plaid shirt dress at Old Navy on accident a couple weeks ago. My local store has an online return rack where they put all the online returns that aren’t carried in the store and mark them down 50% off. For some reason, this amazing white plaid windowpane dress in a petite size was returned, fit me perfectly, half-off and meant to be in my life. I was excited about it, but then I walked back to the toddler section and found this:

Mommy and me Plaid Old Navy dresses

Womens and Toddler plaid old navy dresses

Yep, they make the same dress for toddler girls. I know, SO cute and SO ridiculous. I promise, I’ve never before purchased a mommy and me set, but I absolutely could not resist buying these matching flannel dresses. Yes, I was totally that mom. Cutest.thing.ever.

I can’t find the black and white color combo in either the women’s or toddler dress on Old Navy’s website, but they do have several other color options available in this exact style. I wore mine with black booties, but I could also see this with black tights and boots if you need a cold-weather option. A scarf or vest on top would also look adorable. Since it was probably 80 degrees when I took these pictures, I kept it simple.

White old navy plaid dress with booties

Flannel shirt dress from old navy in white

Tory Burch bag with plaid dress and black booties

If this Old Navy dress isn’t for you, I found a couple other plaid dress options that caught my eye. I can tell you this, I’ll be wearing a plaid dress (or two) around the holidays this year. If you like this trend, snatch one up early because I have a feeling these will be tough to find in mid-December.

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Madewell buffalo plaid tunic dress

Out of all the plaid patterns, buffalo plaid is by far my favorite. The simple black and red check pattern just makes sense in my Type A, organized head. I absolutely love this Madewell buffalo plaid tunic dress, which is currently on sale for $74.50.

Target flannel plaid shirt dress

I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of it, but I actually snagged this exact Target plaid shirt dress on the clearance rack for only $13! It is so cute because it is a two layer dress that has black and white gingham check on the inside. You can see the contrasting plaid patterns when you roll up the sleeves, as well as the pattern peeking out the bottom. It doesn’t look like it is on sale online, but it is still a bargain at only $27.99. This one has Christmas Eve written all over it to me.

J Crew Factory Black and White flannel shirtdress

Finally, I’m also digging this black and white shirt dress from J. Crew Factory. I like black and white, but there is also a red and blue color combo available. It is currently marked down to $44.50 and also available in petite sizes.

Who else is mad for plaid dresses right now?





  1. I saw this dress on your Instagram and was madly in love with it. If I had a daughter, I would def have two or three clothes that we can play twinsies in.
    You both look great

  2. Aw man, I bought a plaid dress last year and it looks AWFUL on me. I need to buy the one you got, haha. So cute!

  3. I’m definitely mad for plaid too! I love rocking plaid dresses and tops in the fall/winter months. So cute!

  4. I love a good plaid dress! Yours is so cute! I adore these photos of your are your sweet girl!

    xo Ashley

  5. I like the red and black plaid ones for christmas time! I recently blogged about a plaid dress I thrifted that has quickly become my favorite dress! Here’s the post, if you ever wanna check it out since you are a plaid lover :)

    • Yes, I’d love to check this out. I’m totally a plaid lover. Thanks for your comment and hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks girl! It felt silly at the time but I’m glad I did it! Enjoy your weekend!

    • I know, they are so adorable. I smile every time I look at these. Sort of happy I went for the matching dresses now!

  6. So cute! I love plaid and I love tshirt dresses so I should totally add something like this to my wardrobe!

    Kayla |

    • This was my first plaid dress, and now I’ve been wondering why I haven’t owned something similar before! Comfy and stylish.

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