Trend Alert: Kimonos

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I’m gonna say it. I love the kimono trend that is popping up all over the place. I like to think of a kimono as a cute-patterned, lightweight, short-sleeved cardigan. Perfect for the transition to fall, especially for someone who lives in a warm climate like me. A kimono can easily be worn with shorts or jeans. They are also super popular as a swimsuit cover-up, especially for people who love to show off your abs of steel (not me).

As a side note, don’t mind the somewhat pathetic attempt at photography. My photographer is four years old and while very proficient at using an iPhone, he doesn’t always capture the light and angles like I want him to. I have no idea why they don’t teach them stuff like this in preschool, gosh. I figured it wasn’t worth delaying this post until I could make my husband take pictures for me during daylight hours.


I took my kids roller skating last week (yes, old school roller skating) and one of my dear friends was wearing this adorable Tie-dye kimono from Target. I’m usually not one to run out and buy what my friends already own, but it was too cute to pass up, especially at only $22.99. Plus our kids don’t go to the same school so it is unlikely we will run into each other wearing the same kimono at preschool drop-off.

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I was able to snag a little kid-free time on Sunday and spent a good 30 minutes browsing the clothing department at Target, looking for the tie-dye kimono above. Kid-free time at Target? Heaven for any mom. I obviously found it and also stumbled upon this tassel printed kimono. Tassels on a kimono, plus it was only $22.99?? Sold.

Funny story about the tassel printed kimono. I wore the tie-dye kimono for my son’s first day of preschool yesterday. I met up with a different friend in the parking lot and she was wearing the Target tassel kimono. Good thing I chose the tie-dye!! Apparently, the kimono trend is really hot among my mom friends!!

1) Corvo kimono; 2) Rapti kimono; 3) Akari kimono; 4) Georgia kimono; 5) Meson kimono

I’m also in love with a whole bunch of the kimonos at Anthropologie. The only problem is the price – they range from $88 – $128. I love the style of these, but generally prefer the Target prices. If Anthro wants to send me all five of the kimonos above for free, I’d wear them to death this fall. #pleasepleaseplease


Finally, I did find this Roffe floral print fringe kimono at Nordstrom. The fringe is totally my style and this would look perfect paired with jeans and a pair of booties. The price is much better than the Anthro versions at only $48. It also comes in a black and white floral pattern.

What do you think of kimonos for fall?