Marimekko for Target Review


I was so excited when I heard Target’s latest designer collaboration was with Marimekko. I’ve always loved Marimekko’s prints. I’ve been to the store in NYC a few times, but I mostly associate the brand with colorful designs on linens at Crate and Barrel. Since I’m never afraid of color or a good print (especially on clothes), I knew this collab would be right up my alley.

We all know how terribly the last Target collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer went, so I didn’t know what to expect this time around. I browsed Target’s site in advance to see what kind of mod printed goodness they created, but had fairly low expectations for getting my hands on any of it. There wasn’t anything I absolutely HAD to have, so I refused to get up in the middle of the night and shop online when the sale went live.


When my human alarm clock (my son) woke me up way too early on Sunday morning, I hopped online to see if anything was left for grabs. I was surprised to see all the items I clicked on were still available. I ended up ordering this sleeveless dress since it said it wasn’t sold in stores. A lot of the other items were adorable, but since I was hoping to stop by my local Target when it opened, I decided to wait and check everything else out with my own two eyes.

IMG_4137 (1)

Only a short line before opening

My local store opened at 8am. My daughter and I arrived at 7:55 am and there were only 7 people in line in front of us. Everyone was clearly there for the Marimekko sale, but all the ladies in front of me were friendly, gracious shoppers. No hoarding of items occurred. Everyone was able to grab what they wanted in the women’s section (which also included the girls clothing) and there was plenty left for shoppers who weren’t there right on time. One lady did make fun of me for stopping to take a few pictures, but I suppose that’s the life of a shopping blogger.

IMG_4141 IMG_4143

After grabbing a few goodies, I headed to the fitting room. I ended up purchasing the Kukkatori tunic for myself. On the Target website it is labeled at a tunic, but I’m short enough that it fit me perfectly as a dress. It does have a slit up the side so warning for tall people, this one might not work for you as a dress.

50352187 IMG_4154

Who looks better, me or the model?!? I’m not one to regularly do fitting room selfies, but I think this picture really shows how it looks as a dress on someone who isn’t 6″ tall. Super cute on. I also purchased the Paprika swimsuit (bottoms here), but there is NO WAY you will be getting a fitting room selfie of that. I’d say both the tunic and suit fit true to size.


Since I had my daughter with me, I couldn’t resist snagging her a few cute outfits as well.


She got the toddler Kukkatori dress and the yellow paprika print shorts and tank set. And if you are paying close attention, this means that I bought my daughter and myself matching Kukkatori print dresses. I promise not to wear them on the same day, but I couldn’t resist the cute pattern!!!


Overall, I give Target two thumbs up for this collaboration. Most of the items are still available today on the Target website, and the prices are wayyyy better than the stuff on the Marimekko website.

Did you stop by your local Target yesterday for the collaboration? What do you think about the collection?