25% Off Ray Bans at Nordstrom

Crazy blog week! If you are counting, this is post #4 and it is only Thursday. Love it.


I was surprised to see A TON of Ray Bans (80 pairs!!!) marked 25% percent off at Nordstrom. Click HERE for the full womens sale selection and HERE for mens. This includes the classic aviators and wayfarers, which I’m convinced will never go out of style.


I strongly believe a good pair of sunglasses is worth the money. I’ve found that if I spend $100 on a good pair, I take better care of them, pay attention to where I put them, and they last me for several years. My husband used to buy a few $10 pairs periodically throughout the year and basically treat them as disposables. The problem with his approach is he never had a pair he truly loved, and the cheepo pairs usually scratched the first time he inevitably dropped them. He probably spent close to the same amount as me, but really only had a bunch of broken shades to show for it. If you can swing it, try to stick to designer shades.#worththecash


I have a pair of the mirrored Ray Bans, and I’ll admit, they aren’t my favorite. I’m obsessed with the look of them, but sometimes I find the mirrors are often more blinding in bright direct sunlight than if I wasn’t wearing sunglasses. I’ll wear them on days when I’m in the car or when it is partly cloudy, but those days don’t happen too often in Phoenix. I’d suggest going with a non-mirrored lens, based on my experience.┬áDepending on the style you choose, the prices range from $86 – $186. Not too bad for real Ray Bans!

Do you need a new pair of sunnies?