Lots of New Lululemon Tanks on We Made Too Much

Before I get distracted talking about tank tops, today is the last day of the Tory Burch Private Sale. I’m actually surprised there are still some really cute things left!

My blog stats consistently tell me how much all of you love lululemon. Apparently I’m not the only one with a love of fancy activewear! Since spring has sprung, here are a few cute tanks that were recently marked down.

LW1G72S_018361_1 LW1F10S_014365_1

I was shocked to see lulu add TEN COLORS of the swiftly tech racerback tank to the sale page. Yes, you read that correctly, 10 colors!!! That means there are so many opportunities for them to actually have your size. I have this tank in a couple different colors and it is one of my most comfortable. I wear my usual size and it never disappoints, especially for $39 (originally $48).

LW1L86S_019896_1 LW1L86S_019896_2

There are only size 2’s available in this vent it out tank, but how cute is this pattern? It is also available in black, but if you can squeeze into a size 2, go for the pattern. This one is also $39 (originally $58).

LW1N67S_021556_2 LW1E14S_020092_1

The power Y tank isn’t my personal favorite, but I see a ton of people constantly wearing this top. I find it long for my short frame, so maybe this one is ideal for tall people. Or those who have really long torsos. It also has the built-in shelf bra, which some people love and some people hate. $39 (originally $52) isn’t bad for all you tall, long-torsoed, built-in bra top loving people. #notme #iwish


One thing I’m currently on the search for is a plain white workout tank. They are out of my size in this what the sport singlet, but I love the looser style of this top. As with all the others, this one is $39 (originally $48).

Happy spring, everyone!!