Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale

I don’t think there is a person out there who doesn’t enjoy a Nordstrom clearance sale. I know this because a lot of clearance items are already picked over on sizes and colors with only odds and ends left in stock. However, good old Nordstrom added a bunch of new markdowns today so there are still some great bargains to be snatched up for those of us who weren’t on the ball when the sale rolled out last weekend. The clearance sale runs through Sunday the 21st, so I’m also hoping there might be some new markdowns added for the weekend.

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I’ve admitted it before, but I spend an embarrassing amount of time wearing leggings. I think I’ve perfected the look of dressing up my leggings with scarves, jewelry and non-athletic shoes to make them a versatile part of my wardrobe.Therefore, it is always easy for me to justify another pair. I own these Zella “Live In” leggings in a slightly different color combo and I get compliments on them almost every time I leave the house. Because of all the colors in the material, they match with a ton and fit perfectly. I don’t own the Zella Z6 Long Sleeve Tee, but these two together would go together like peanut butter and jelly. The leggings are marked down to $38.68 (originally $58) and the tee to $31.49 (originally $42). I’m gonna admit it, my Zella leggings are just as comfortable as my lulu leggings and easily more than half the cost.


Back when I was gainfully employed, I would have been all over this pair of Cole Haan pumps. I love the heel height and the toe has a hint of a point, but you won’t look like you are going to poke out a co-worker’s eye if they bend over to pick up a dropped pen during a meeting. Since heels are no longer part of my daily routine, I clearly can’t justify them anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should pass them up if you work in an office. They aren’t exactly the cheapest pair of heels at $123.98 (originally $248), but a good pair of heels is totally worth it.


These Kendra Scott Dylan necklaces are a new markdown item. A bunch of colors are available (a few more colors here), including black, white and grey. I always see the seasonal colors go on sale toward the end of a season, but it is rare to see the neutrals like these marked down. $40.20 (originally $60) is a great price for this awesome necklace.

_11695102 _9478478

Since I live in Phoenix, AZ, I am looking for slightly different things than most people in a winter clearance sale. If you put on a winter coat this morning, please don’t hate me, but it is supposed to hit 90 degrees at my house today.

I find it really, really hard to find a perfect tank. You know, one that isn’t too clingy or low cut and doesn’t require a strapless bra. I was pretty excited when I spotted these Leith roll sleeve tanks for $21.60 (originally $36).  Even if you are still in the middle of winter, one of these would look great under a sweater.  And remember, I’ll be jealous of your weather when it is 115 degrees here in August.


And for the rest of the country still experiencing winter, this North Face down jacket might be exactly what you need to help you survive the rest of winter. It is available in pink, too, for $120 (originally $160).


Finally, my absolute favorite kids shoes, Natives, are being price matched right now. Both my daughter and son own Natives and they hold up way better than similar styles sold at cheaper stores (cough, Old Navy, cough). My 3 year old son can also put them on himself which makes my life a million times easier trying to get out of the house. On top of that, you can rinse them off when they get dirty. Because with kids they inevitably will. Only the pink is being price matched at $24.95 (originally $32 – $37) and I have no idea for how long, but these are amazing shoes to snatch up for summer. Or for winter if you live in AZ.

Happy hump day!!