Trend Alert: Vests

I don’t think vests ever really went out of style, but they are back this year in full effect. I’ve always been a big fan of vests, especially for fall. The perfect way to limp your way into wearing a coat since they are minus a couple sleeves. Vests are the best when you get those amazing fall days with a hint of chill in the air. You know, those days that I personally won’t feel till January given I live in AZ. And please, don’t be jealous because while you look cute in your plaid shirts and vests right now, I’m still sweating away in an overworn tank top I’m dying to replace with outerwear. #desertproblems

Here are a few of my favorites:

02533_WE8741 C9245_MF2948

Both of these grey vests are from J. Crew Factory and are on sale for $75.50. Click here for the printed one and here for the plain grey one. Both look warm but not too puffy and the classic patterns and colors wouldn’t go out of style next year. I personally think both would look awesome with a plaid or chambray shirt underneath (click here for a recent post I wrote about my love for plaid this year).

_10584886 LW4H17S_019876_2

I’m putting the two vests above in a category that I’m calling “sporty vests”. Perfect for going to and from the gym or spending the afternoon at a football game. The black North Face vest is currently on sale at Nordstrom for $80.98 and the silver one is from lululemon for $168.00. The lulu vest is spendy, but it is reversible with a cute pattern on the other side, and it will likely end up on the We Made Too Much page if you wait long enough. #illwait


I love, love, love this white fuzzy Patagonia vest, which is priced at $99. If I had the choice, I would probably dress myself in soft, fluffy material like this one all day, every day. I actually am instantly more comfortable just looking a picture of this vest. Just think of how comfortable you’d be wearing it. It pretty much says “touch me” because of how soft and fuzzy it looks. Although, I guess that means it could get weird because so many random people want to pet you, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


You really can’t beat Old Navy when it comes to style and price. They advertise their “frost free” vests and coats every year and they are always cute and stylish. And cheap. Maybe not the vest you’d want to wear on a cold day skiing, but a great vest to wear to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard. They also offer plus size and maternity options. I love this red saffron color vest. Right now they have 40% off one item using code YOUCHOOSE or 30% off your entire order (including clearance) with no code required. Using the 40% off code, this vest comes to $17.96 (originally $24.94).

fur 17386440

Every couple of years the faux fur vest comes back into style and it is back again this year. I’ve always secretly, or maybe not so secretly, loved this trend (see above for my obsession of all things fuzzy and comfortable). The brown fur vest is from LOFT for $128 (not on sale and excluded from their 50% off “everything” sale, blah) and the black fur vest is from Target and on sale for $28 (originally $34.99). Again, you might have strangers trying to pet you but you won’t even care because your style and comfort levels will be off the charts.


Finally, this toddler faux fur vest from Old Navy might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And it might be on its way to my house to live in my daughter’s closet. Using the 40% off one item with code YOUCHOOSE, this vest is $13.76 or with 30% off your entire order (no code required) brings it down to $16.06. You will have the most stylish toddler in town.

Is everyone enjoying the Trend Alerts I started doing a few weeks back? Any hot trends or items you think I should highlight?